Since 2008, World Resources has provided both manufacturers and customers with centralized distribution which comes with a large number of benefits.  Our goal is to work with our suppliers and customers to create a business environment beneficial to all those involved.

Benefits of Centralized Distribution

Logistical Savings
By consolidating inventory in a single location, transportation costs can be reduced since goods can be shipped in larger quantities. This can also result in shorter lead times, as inventory is readily available in a single location, which can improve the responsiveness of the supply chain.

Increased Inventory Turns
By consolidating inventory in a single location, businesses can optimize their inventory levels and reduce the risk of excess inventory or stockouts. This can lead to faster inventory turnover, which can free up working capital and improve overall profitability.

Exceptional Customer Service
With inventory in a single location, businesses can quickly and accurately fulfill orders, which can lead to faster delivery times and improved customer satisfaction. Additionally, centralized distribution can enable businesses to provide a wider range of products and services, which can help them meet the unique needs of their customers.


We’re committed to providing you the highest level of quality products.  We work with premium manufacturers and suppliers including the following: