Unmatched Service. Broad Capabilities. Centralized Distribution.

WRD takes great pride in being the window and door industry’s leading representative and distributor partner for over 33 years! From the CEO to our warehouse team, we take pride in putting partnerships over profits. Whether you are a manufacturer, installer or service company, we are ready to serve you with a focus on these core competencies.


As a small company, we can offer personalized service that larger companies may not be able to provide. We get to know our customers and their needs, and tailor our products and services accordingly. More times than not, your problem can’t just be solved by throwing it in the cart & checking out. We understand the importance of those critical components, and if ordered wrong, can set you back with your customer. Let’s work together and get it right the first time.


Our top priority is customer satisfaction through building strong relationships and providing positive experiences. In a world where digital transactions are the norm, we recognize the importance of personal connections and strive to establish intimate partnerships with suppliers, partners, and customers. This approach ensures that every purchase made with World Resources Distribution exceeds expectations and leaves the customer happy.


WRD takes pride in our flexibility and responsiveness to our customers’ needs. We can quickly adjust to changes in the market or customer demand and tailor our products or services accordingly. Our streamlined decision-making process ensures that we don’t waste time running decisions through multiple management layers or waiting for approval from Congress. Our decisions are made swiftly and efficiently, while still maintaining good business sense.


We have carefully partnered with what we feel are some of the best manufacturers in the business. The market is flooded with options & many claim to be the “best”. It’s up to us to make sure we get you connected with the one’s that will strengthen your business. Focusing on diversification has helped us round out our product offering and bring more complete solutions to the table. As a representative group & distributor, we are responsible for far more than just transactions.


Door Weatherstrips, Corner Pads, Adhesive Bulb Seals, Door Sweeps


Patio Door Handle Sets, Patio Door Bumpers, Patio Door Rollers


Screen Door Frame, Corners & Handle Sets, Screen Window Frame & Corners, Bug Flaps, Screen Door Rollers, Screens, Spline, Leaf Springs, Pull Tabs


Balances, Balance Accessories, Window Rollers, Window Sliders, Hole Plugs, Weep Hole Covers, Composite Sweep Locks, Composite Sash Locks, Composite Keepers


Glazing Bead, Glazing Tape, Setting Blocks, SDL Tape, Shims, Backer Rod, Wood Composite Shims, Window & Glass Protection Film, Window Protection Foam, Aluminum and Vinyl Protection Film, Vacuum Cups and Lifters


Novagard Sealants,  Palmer Adhesives, Flashing Tape, Window and Door Foam


We’re committed to providing you the highest level of quality products.  We work with premium manufacturers and suppliers including the following: